Transportation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what school my child attends?

How do I find out where the school bus stop is for my child?

  • Not every school has transportation available.   Follow the link to “InfoFinder”  to find the bus stop that is available for your address and school.

How do I purchase a bus pass

  • Visit the Transportation website starting July 1 in the same school year.  The Transportation Services Bus Pass office will open to process bus passes for those who have appointments and to make appointments for those who need an appointment, usually the first Monday in July.
  • The bus pass office is implementing an appointment system, Go online, and make an appointment for the day and time you are available.
  • Customers will be served by appointment, so make your appointment as soon as possible.
  • Parents obtain Two-Way, One-Way, or Quarterly bus passes by applying online and making an appointment to  make payment in person.
  • Your child MUST be fully enrolled in school with a student ID# before a bus pass can be processed.  An online registration (OLR, see below) account with a username and password must be set up prior to applying for Transportation online.
        • Online address: https://campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org
          • If eligible, upload or change the photo of your student as necessary.
          • Select the appropriate bus stop and make an appointment to finalize the payment.
        • Main address: 1130 5th Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910
        • If eligible, provide a current, color picture of the student or have a photo of your student taken; and finalize payment. (CASH or Money Orders ONLY)
        • For fee waiver, you will need to provide us with current proof of income.

My student already has a bus pass for this year. Can my student use the same bus pass for next school year? 

  • Unfortunately, No. Bus passes are only good for the current school year and does not include summer school or credit recovery/intersession (transportation is not provided for summer school or credit recovery/intersession)

My student already has a bus pass for this year. Do I have to go through the entire bus pass process again? 

    • Bus passes are only good for the current school year and you must apply for a new bus every year.

What is an OLR (On Line Registration) account?

    • An “OLR” is an abbreviation for Online Registration. When you registered your student into the school, you had to set up an account to register the student.   That account is referred to as an OLR account.

What if I don’t have an OLR account?

    • If you are new to the school, you should receive a letter from the school site that contains your Activation Key. With that activation key you should have created an “OLR” account to register your student into the school.
    • If you have not received such a letter from the student’s school, please contact the school.

I don’t know my username or password, what do I do?

How much is the fee for the bus pass?

  • A Two-Way “Yearly”– Bus pass can be purchased for a $400.00 fee, which is equivalent to $1.21 per ride or $2.42 a day. The yearly fee is pro-rated as days of school progress. You will not be charged for days that have already passed. A Two-Way “Yearly” Bus Pass is valid for school bus transportation for both home to school and school to home for the school year indicated on the bus pass.  This pass must be shown to board the school bus. Improper use or misuse may result in confiscation of bus pass. This bus pass is Not Transferable. Lost or stolen passes may be replaced for an $8.00 fee.
  • A One-Way “Yearly”–  Bus pass can be purchased for a $200.00 fee, which is equivalent to $1.17 per ride. The yearly fee is pro-rated as days of school progress. You will not be charged for days that have already passed. This pass is valid for One-Way school bus transportation only. Passes are issued for either the “A.M.” morning ride only or the “P.M.” afternoon ride only. This pass is valid only for the school year indicated on the bus pass. This pass may be used the other half of the day with the purchase of a single ride ticket for each ride to school. Yearly passes are not valid for Summer School or Credit Recovery/Intersession transportation.
  • Single Ride Tickets–  Tickets can be purchased in sheets of five for $11.25 a sheet, which is $2.25 a ticket. Tickets can also be purchased at the student’s school after the first day of school. It is necessary to have a Bus Pass or Bus Pass Permit in order to purchase single ride tickets. These tickets are valid for a single school bus ride from home-to-school or school-to-home. Single ride tickets MUST be accompanied by a valid Bus Pass or Bus Pass Permit.  These tickets, together with the bus pass or bus pass permit must be shown to the bus driver to board the school bus.

Is there a payment plan available?

  • NO.   We are no longer doing payment plans.   To help with payment for bus passes, we are now offering a “Quarterly Bus”.  A quarterly bus pass will replace the payment plan program.
  • Quarterly passes are good for 41 days of transportation and will cost $100 per quarter for a two way pass.

Is there a way to qualify for free transportation?

  • Yes, please refer to our Fee Waiver page for complete details.
  • Acceptable Proof of Income
    Types of documents are listed below.
        • If your household receives AFDC, you need only provide information which shows that your household receives this assistance. No other income information is required.
        • Copy of AFDC (Notice of Action) warrant
        • Letter from the welfare office stating that you now receive AFDC
        • Current paycheck stub
        • Current pay envelope
        • Letter from employer stating gross wages paid and how often they are paid
        • You may also provide a letter(s) from your income source(s) stating the amount of income you receive.
        • Social security retirement benefit letter
        • Statement of benefits received
        • Pension award notice
        • Copy of the unemployment/disability/workmen’s’ compensation award letter
        • Check stub WELFARE PAYMENTS
        • Benefit letter from welfare agency CHILD
        • Court decree, agreement, or copies of checks received
        • If you have other types of income, provide information or documents which show the amount of income received, how often it is received, and the date received. For example:
        • Business or farming documents, such as ledger books
        • Last quarterly tax estimate and last year’s tax return
      • NO INCOME
          • If you have no income, provide a brief note explaining how you provide food, clothing, and housing for your household and when you expect an income.
          • Families with an income within these guidelines set by the Federal Government free lunch program, may qualify for free transportation.
    Household Size
    Annual Monthly Twice Per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
    1 $ 15,782 $ 1,316 $ 658 $ 607 $ 304
    2 $ 21,398 $ 1,784 $ 892 $ 823 $ 412
    3 $ 27,014 $ 2,252 $ 1,126 $ 1,039 $ 520
    4 $ 32,630 $ 2,720 $ 1,360 $ 1,255 $ 628
    5 $ 38,246 $ 3,188 $ 1,594 $ 1,471 $ 736
    6 $ 43,862 $ 3,656 $ 1,828 $ 1,687 $ 844
    7 $ 49,478 $ 4,124 $ 2,062 $ 1,903 $ 952
    8 $ 55,094 $ 4,592 $ 2,296 $ 2,119 $ 1,060
    For each additional family member, add: $ 5,616 $ 468 $ 234 $ 216 $ 108

What is the process necessary to get a bus pass?

  • Once your child is fully enrolled in their school, complete the bus pass process online https://campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org or at the Bus Pass Office by appointment.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate forms cannot be processed. Bring the information to the bus pass office during your appointment time along with a current 1″ x 1 ¼” photograph of the student and your payment (Cash or Money Orders ONLY).
  • A picture of the student is necessary to process application; you may upload and crop a picture online, provide your own printed picture, or have one taken at Transportation Department/Bus Pass Office during your appointment.
  • If you would like to have your bus pass mailed to you, please allow 2 weeks for your pass to be mailed to you. If the school year has started or is already in progress, the bus pass will be sent to the school for distribution to the student. Bus pass applications mailed without a self-addressed envelope or those requested through the internet process will be sent to the school when school starts.

Where will my child’s bus stop be?

  • A student’s bus stop is assigned according to student’s home address. Our routing system will route the student to the bus stop closest to the home.  To see bus stops, apply for a bus pass through https://campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org or visit our Bus Stop Finder page using the Infofinder link on our webpage.

What are the qualifications for transportation?

  • Middle school students living beyond 2.5-miles and high school students living beyond 3.5-miles from their home school as specified in school board policies will receive transportation on a fee for service basis. Mileage is determined by using the shortest route (not the most preferred route) from the student’s residence to the closest point of the school. See District Administrative Regulation 3541a

When is the bus pass office open?

  • The bus pass office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. The office will be closed on holidays. For your convenience our office may also open during select Saturdays during the summer from 8:00 am to 11:30 am.  Please visit the Transportation Department website http://transportation.sweetwaterschools.org/extended-office-hours/ for exact dates.

How do I make an appointment to come into the Bus Pass Office?

  • To make an appointment, you may visit the website https://campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org to schedule one at your convenience or call the Transportation Department for further assistance at (619) 691-5527.

What if I don’t have an appointment, can I still visit the office?

  • Yes, you may visit the office and have an appointment scheduled for you for an available date. If the bus pass office is experiencing a slower day, they may be able to fit you in, when you walk in.

Can I ride the bus to my school even though I am not within the transportation area?

  • Students who live within the determined distances or out of the school’s boundaries may use an existing school bus stop on an existing route as a space available bus rider.
  • Space available transportation means that a student may ride on an existing route only if there is space available on the bus. The majority of our buses carry 56 students (two to a seat, state law does not permit standing passengers on a school bus).
  • Bus stops or routes will not be generated for “space available” bus riders. Space available bus riders may add themselves to the wait list during the first week of July. It must be understood that should the bus become overcrowded and space is no longer available, transportation for the student will be terminated and a refund of unused fees will be made. Being on the wait list does NOT guarantee space on the bus.

If I choose to send my child to a school other than his/her home school, do I get transportation if I live beyond 2.5-miles from the middle school or live beyond 3.5-miles from the high school?

  • Transportation isNOT provided for students in a “choice” program. All students who have chosen to attend a school outside of their home school boundary are considered “choice” students. Choice students do have the option to go to the closest bus stop within the school of choice boundary, on a space available basis and pay the fee.  Add your name to the waitlist, by clicking the appropriate box in the Online Bus Pass Program from the Transportation website. https://campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org

Do FLAGS and SCPA “Magnet Programs” come with transportation?

  • No, FLAGS and SCPA are not “Magnet Programs”. Both are non-funded “choice” programs and no funding is available to support transportation to “choice” programs. Therefore, transportation is not provided for FLAGS or SCPA. Magnet students do have the option to go to the closest bus stop within the school boundary, on a space available basis and pay the fee.  Add your name to the space available list, by clicking the appropriate box in the Online Bus Pass Sales program from the Transportation website. https://campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org

My student is under an intra-district transfer do you provide transportation?

  • No. However, transportation may be provided on a space available basis. It is the board of trustees’ desire to provide transportation on a space available basis to those students who do not qualify for transportation on a fee for service basis.  Add your name to the space available list, by clicking the appropriate box in the Online Bus Pass Sales program from the Transportation website. https://campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org

My student is in the No Child Left Behind program?

  • The NCLB/No Child Left Behind program no longer exist. Parents of children that attended a NCLB school of choice in 2016-17 may continue at their choice school with transportation until the highest grade of that school. NCLB transportation will no longer be available after 2019-2020 school year. School choice is not part of the requirements in the new ESSA regulations. Contact State & Federal Programs at (619) 934-8300 for information regarding NCLB or ESSA.

I’m Homeless how can I find information about transportation for my student?

  • For more information on SUHSD’s Homeless Education Services Program and supports in place for students experiencing homelessness, including assistance with school transportation, please contact the Family Community Services Program Coordinator at 619-934-8300. The McKinney-Vento Act is federal legislation designed in part to ensure educational rights and promote educational stability for children and youth experiencing homelessness. Under the McKinney-Vento Act, eligible children and youth have the right to receive transportation to and from their school of origin, if requested.

I see a bus going down my street every day. Why can’t I take that bus?

  • Not all buses you see are going to the same location. Buses that pass through your neighborhood most likely are not going to the location you are trying to get to. There are other school district buses that travel the roadways within our district. These buses have nothing to do with our district and do not go to our schools.

The neighbor child down the street takes a bus. Why can’t my child take that bus?

  • Not all buses are going to the same location. Not all neighborhood children are going to the same school. Remember, transportation requirements for middle school students are different from those of high school students, as well as special needs students. The neighbor child may have different requirements than your child.

Why do I have to pay for transportation? After all I am paying $1,000 or more per month in property taxes and Mello-Roos. Where does all this money go?

  • School transportation is not mandated in California, so the local school boards must make a decision to fund school buses or replace books, hire more teachers, or maintain classes. The California Constitution requires that all property be taxed, unless otherwise exempted under the California Constitution or United States Constitution. The money collected goes to over 900 local taxing agencies, including the County, cities, schools and special districts. With over 900 agencies sharing the money, the moneys are distributed as mandated.
  • The money is not shared evenly, with some agencies getting more than others. With the budget cuts and rise of expenses, the portion money that does trickle to education is then split again among the various school districts and educational systems. The local school district determines what they will do with their portions of the taxes. Much of the money is used for teachers, administrators, books, classroom equipment, maintaining school facilities and various mandated programs. The remaining portion is then split again among non-mandated programs which include transportation.

Do you have information on public transit routes and schedules?

    • Our transportation department does not have public transit information; however, you can call your local city transit company for more information:
      • Chula Vista Transit: (619) 656-2300
      • National City Transit: (619) 474-7505
      • San Diego Transit: (619) 685-4900

Can I still use the same bus pass if my student moves (change of address) or changes schools?

  • The bus pass is issued for one school, one bus route and one bus stop. If your change of address will require your student to use a different bus stop or use a different route, you will need to change your address at school site and then bring your student’s bus pass to transportation department.
  • A change of bus pass will be made if there is transportation available for the new address or new school. There is no fee for change of bus passes; however, the old bus pass must be turned in for the exchange. If the change of address does not require your student to use a different bus stop or bus route, the current bus pass is still good and can be used without any changes.

My child lost their bus pass. My child’s bus pass was stolen. What do I do?

  • You need to come into our transportation department/bus pass office and get a replacement pass or you can also use our online process to purchase the replacement bus pass through this website. The replacement fee is $7.00.

My student needs to ride the bus occasionally?

  • You will need to obtain a bus pass permit and purchase single ride tickets. You will need to submit an application along with a photograph for a permit bus pass. Bus pass permits are free and student will need to purchase single ride tickets for a fee of $ 2.25 per ticket. Single ride tickets can be purchased at transportation department/bus pass office or at school site with a valid bus pass permit.

My student no longer rides the bus but I already paid for the whole school year. Can I get a refund for what is not used?

  • Yes, you can request a refund. All requests for refunds must be accompanied with the bus pass. Refunds are prorated Refunds can be obtained only at the transportation department. All requests for refunds must be accompanied with the bus pass.
  • Once approved by transportation, our financial department will generate a check for the refund. A check for the refund will be sent to the address provided. Allow 2-3 weeks to receive the refund check.